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Rhode Island Solar Panel Installation, Financing, and Rebates

RGS Energy has been delivering solar power to Rhode Island for over three decades.

Reduce Your Electricity Costs with a Home Solar Installation

As one of Rhode Island’s oldest and most trusted solar providers, RGS Energy makes it easy for homeowners to use cleaner, more affordable power. Our flexible financing options, world-class installation team, seamless permitting and rebate process, and industry-leading customer service put your solar experience in experienced hands. Get a free, no-obligation quote today and discover your savings.

Good Energy is Getting Around Rhode Island

Whether you live in Providence, Kent, Bristol, Washington, or Newport County, RGS Energy brings decades of solar experience to your area. Let us show you how you can control your energy costs by adding solar panels to your home.

More than 80 residents of North Smithfield signed up for over 600 kW of solar power through RGS Energy’s Solarize North Smithfield program. This enormous amount of participation far exceeded the goal of 150 kW and made the program a huge success. Thanks to everyone who participated!

RI Rebates + Incentives

Rhode Island homeowners can take 30% off the cost of a solar panel installation with the Federal Tax Credit.

This rebate takes a big bite out of the cost of solar and allows for a faster payback time so homeowners can begin generating free electricity sooner.

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Sales tax exemptions
  • Property tax exemptions

RI Solar Financing Options

In addition to cash purchases, we offer flexible financing options that keep the cost of solar down – less than your current utility rate in most cases.

There are substantial benefits to owning your solar panel system, including putting equity into your home, independently generating your own clean power, and locking in the lowest long-term rate on electricity. And after your system is paid off, the power it generates is free!

RGS Energy in Rhode Island

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