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SOLAR POWER FOR YOUR HOMESolar energy can actually cost less than what you pay now with low, predictable, locked-in rates.

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Home Solar Power

  • Imagine saving thousands of dollars over the next 20 years or more.
  • Imagine getting these savings simply by using a different source of electricity.
  • Imagine letting an industry-leading energy company handle everything for you.
  • Now imagine the source of that electricity is clean, renewable, and sustainable.
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Imagine Clean Power and Bright Savings

Imagine Clean Power and Bright Savings

RGS Energy helps homeowners lower their electricity bills with solar power. Going solar locks in a fixed electric rate and reduces the cost of the electricity you buy each month. Most RGS Energy customers pay about 25% less than they were paying their old electric company for traditional power.

A locked-in rate means protection from unpredictable electricity bills and utility rate increases. Our customers always know what their energy costs will be, so they can focus on the more important parts of life.

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RGS Energy Offers Two Ways to Save on the Cost of Electricity

RGS Energy Offers Several Ways to Save on the Cost of Electricity

Use Solar Power as a Service

A solar lease or service agreement gives you a lower electric rate from day one, without the responsibility of owning and maintaining a system – and with no debt or up-front costs.*

Purchase a Solar System

A system purchase gives you the best long-term savings. You’ll own the solar panels, the power they produce, and their rebates and incentives – the ultimate in energy independence.

Special Offer in CA and NY

The CleanEnergy Plan™ provides you a lower electric rate from day one with a production guarantee, included maintenance, and a 20-year service promise.
Become a Solar Champion today and start earning cash for your referrals!

*For qualified customers and subject to service availability.