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Shed Man Custom Woodworks

After going solar at their home, Gaston and Sue Robert – owners of the Shed Man custom shed and gazebo business – decided they loved solar power and would apply it to their business. Since they use an expanded shed for the business’ office and Shed Man’s sheds are high on aesthetic appeal, it was important that the PV system look good. Not only did RGS Energy design a system that blended seamlessly with the office’s roof, it also helped the Roberts get 57% of the system’s cost covered by rebates and tax incentives.

Now, whether at home or at work, the Roberts can enjoy saving money by using clean power. “Going solar just makes sense to me. The ability to produce our own power and be independent and environmentally responsible was a huge driver for us,” explained Sue.

RGS Energy designed and installed an unobtrusive 12-module solar PV system for Shed Man. Due to the size and nature of the business, this 2.58 kW system provides all its electricity needs.
Size2.58 kW
Production3,120 kWh/year
PV modulesSunPower 215W (12 modules)
LocationBrunswick, NY
Online since2010
System Offsets*AnnualLifetime
Pounds of CO24,743118,575
Miles driven4,945123,646
Trees planted551,380


*Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. System lifetime is assumed to be 25 years.