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Rancho Santa Fe Apartments

The Rancho Santa Fe apartments in Tustin, CA combine old-world charm with modern comfort and amenities. While ideal for residents, this combination provided some unique challenges to RGS Energy during the installation. It was important to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the architecture while providing clean, reliable AC electricity to the complex. This was accomplished by using a shallow angle to mount the panels so their height from the roof was minimized without sacrificing solar energy collection.
Rancho Santa Fe’s 168 kW solar installation produces approximately 252,000 kWh each year and has been online since December of 2005.
Size168 kW
Production252,000 kWh/year
PV modulesKyocera 167W (720 modules)
Sharp 165W (292 modules)
LocationTustin, CA
Online since2005
System Offsets*AnnualLifetime
Pounds of CO2383,6049,590,100
Miles driven399,6529,991,300
Trees planted4,456111,400


*Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. System lifetime is assumed to be 25 years.